This is the text of Christine’s manifesto for the 2012 BECTU President election (archived: manifesto for the 2010 President election)

I am asking again for your vote to be elected President of BECTU. I am very proud to have been BECTU’s President since May 2010.

Over the last 20 years I have been a BECTU activist at local and national level. For the last 10 years I have been on the National Executive Committee. The last year as President has allowed me to get to know the union even better by attending divisions and some branch meetings. It has been fascinating to hear the issues that challenge our members daily, the strengths and struggles faced by all of our workers and the creativity and commitment members bring to the union.

I believe that to make our union stronger we need to build on the strengths of those divisions and branches. It is by listening to voices of our members that we can build the vibrancy that will attract new members and retain present members.

“It is vital that we continue to develop strong local, regional and national initiatives”

BECTU has had some great success in recent years. Many of these come from apparently small beginnings. Some have come from head office – such as the Creative Toolkit, a website launched in August 2011 to support new entrants into our industry. Others have been initiatives by branches – like the Freelance Fair started by London Production Division’s Writers and Producers branch, with the support of head office. Freelance Fairs are being repeated around the regions and nations because of their success at highlighting what it means to be a freelance in the audiovisual industry and how BECTU can support its members.

Our Black and Minority Ethnic Committee has been essential in creating a new working environment for minorities through the Move on Up events they have run, with head office, over the years.

One of the most exciting results of the last year has been the Freelance Agreement with the BBC. In October 2011 freelance members working for the BBC were able to approve the BBC’s offer on pay: a modest 1 per cent rise on minimum rates, with the guarantee that there would be no reduction of rates for any freelances currently paid above the minimum. The Agreement covers grades in Drama where we can show that 35 per cent are members. Importantly, an agreed exchange of information on productions will allow BECTU to target new members and to represent members on issues such as working hours and scheduling. BECTU lead in the battle to protect as much as possible the BBC’s Pension, one of the most important fights of the year.

Sadly in A&E the proud tradition of projectionist is ending due to the digitalisation. We will miss them.

The last two years have been really tough for our members in Arts-Council-funded and local authority venues: regional theatres especially have been targeted. The short-sightedness of the Con-Dem government is highlighted by the fact that the West End theatres have had record profits, maintaining the arts tourism that brings money into government coffers and keeps our members employed. The Con-Dems refuse to see that Arts Council seed funding can create the jobs that would allow us to work our way out of this recession. I will continue to highlight this in my work for the union.

These campaigns will continue over the next two years. It is vital that we continue to develop strong local, regional and national initiatives. I will do all I can to encourage our activists and to develop a vibrant membership of our union. I would be honoured and pleased if you would elect me again as BECTU’s President.

Picture of Christine Bond

Christine Bond was nominated by the following BECTU Branches in the 2012 President election:

  • BBC Belfast General
  • BBC Caversham
  • BBC Central London Future Media & Technology
  • BBC Drama, Entertainment & Childrens
  • BBC Media City & North West
  • BBC Norwich
  • BBC People
  • BBC Talent Rights & Negotiation Group
  • BBC Yorkshire
  • BFI Southbank National Film Theatre
  • Cineworld North East
  • Commercial West End Theatres
  • Glasgow Theatres
  • Ireland North Freelance
  • ITV Anglia
  • National Theatre
  • North West Freelance
  • Royal Opera House
  • Scottish Freelance
  • Scottish TV
  • Yorkshire & Humberside Freelance