Face the music

Working together. That is what I believe is key to a better working world. Read more »

Repent at leisure

BECTU has developed a Digital/Social Media Users’ Code of Practice. Read more »

Action on all fronts

I am continually impressed with the range of work that BECTU members and committees become involved in to make a better working environment for all in our industries. Read more »

How the rich get richer

It is up to us to keep the pressure on the Googles, Starbucks, Amazons, Barclays and the other internet giants and multinationals to pay a realistic share of the taxes that keep our society working. Read more »

Team spirit

Why are we in these creative industries? For me the pleasure in using my mind to creatively solve problems, to be part of a rich visual environment, to work with colleagues to bring a production to the public, gives a pride that lasts for years. Read more »

Our future is with Europe

David Cameron’s big speech of the new year was that he wants the nation to be able to decide if it wants to stay in the European Union. Read more »

Content is king

We all know that ‘content is king’. When you have the multitude of choices we now have for viewing on television it is the quality of the programme, the relevance to your own life and culture that keeps you viewing. Read more »

Working to live

Minimum Wage. Living Wage. Family Wage. All terms about how much money we can get for our labour and how much money we need to live on. As you have probably heard or experienced, the National Minimum Wage is increasing to £6.08 in October of this year. Read more »

Fighting the pirates

At the end of July the Motion Picture Association (MPA) won it’s High Court test case requiring BT to block Newzbin2, a website that sells indexes to illegal sites releasing pirate film and television programmes. Read more »

A brief guide to the BECTU Annual Conference

Participation. Joining in. Working with others. Learning about our industry. Making decisions. Read more »

The joy of joining

I’ve been thinking about what made me an activist in the union all those years ago. Not surprisingly, it was a combination of things. Read more »

Economy is creativity

The Arts Council of England has warned that cutting nearly a third of its funding over the next four years would mean that 200 arts organisations out of the 850 it supports would not get funding. Read more »

Citizen Murdoch’s vote

Rupert Murdoch gave a speech just a day after the Con-Dem Comprehensive Spending Review. The was the first Margaret Thatcher lecture and his first in the United Kingdom since his 1989 speech at the Edinburgh Television Festival. Read more »

An injunction too far

I was at the first two days of the TUC in Manchester in September, listening to the discussion of the issues facing us and our sister unions. The passion felt by all on the need to campaign and fight was strong, which is good as there are fights ahead. Read more »

BBC pension plan focus

I have been trying to get my head around the threatened changes to the BBC’s Pension Plan. Understanding pensions takes a lot of concentration, reading and discussing with those that know. Then when we think we’ve figured out how it is going to work for us, the ground shifts and we have to start again. A bit like having to learn a new mobile phone every two years but waaaay more important. Read more »

Farewell film finance?

The axing of the UK Film Council sent a shock wave through the industry. Trawling the internet to hear the debate going on it is clear that for many this was not their favourite funding body. Read more »

My vision for BECTU

I want to thank all the members who voted and participated in BECTU’s elections, those that put their names forward for any of the positions and those that worked for them. Democracy – and members willing to give time and energy to the union – are what sustain and build BECTU. Read more »

The importance and benefit of the arts

I’m pleased to see that the great and the good are arguing the importance of the arts to our economy in Cultural Capital in the UK, a Manifesto for the Future launched yesterday (25 March 2010) in London by an alliance of arts leaders from the Arts Council, British Museum and National Theatre. Read more »

Picture of Christine Bond

This is BECTU President Christine Bond’s site, which will include the text of her Stage Screen and Radio columns.